Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to pre-book?

YES. Each group has booked a time slot to assure there is room for everyone and to avoid crowds. You must book your spot online or by phone before you arrive.

What if it’s raining during our time slot?

The game runs, even if it’s raining/windy/snowing. Please dress for the weather. At each station there is some shelter to complete the puzzle. Walking between stations, you are in the weather.

What if the weather is really bad outside?

If there is lightning over our game area, or a tornado, or an ice storm, we will cancel the game and refund any monies already paid or rebook you to a different time/night. We will not refund if the area you are in is having bad weather.

How many people can I book?

There is a minimum of four players and maximum of ten. We design the game so that four or more players are needed to keep the flow of the game continuous for all groups.

What if I have more than 10 players to book?

Book back to back time slots and split your group into smaller teams. If you want help booking a group, give us a call and we can arrange it on the phone.

Is there a discount for booking a group?

We are not doing group discounts at this time.

What should I wear?

Dress for the weather. If it’s cold, wear a warm jacket, hat and boots. If it’s nice, wear something lighter. If it’s rainy, wear water resistant shoes and a raincoat.

What if I wanted to cancel my booking? Can I get my deposit refunded?

No. The deposit holds your spot from others, like buying tickets to a concert. You can always give them to someone else. You can try changing it to a different day. We can refund any extra money you paid on top of the deposit.

Can we drink alcohol?

No. You cannot drink alcohol, beer or wine on the farm property at all.

What is the difference between the daytime game and nighttime experience?

The nighttime experience will happen in the dark. Live zombies will be wandering around the game area. You may encounter some jump scares. Masked zombies may get close to you. All sound effects, lighting effects and frightening scenes will be active.
The daytime game happens during daylight hours. No live zombies will be active. You may see some dead zombies. There will not be any intentional jump scares. You may still encounter some scary props or creepy scenes.

Can we smoke marijuana?

No. You cannot smoke marijuana on the farm property at all.

How early before my booking spot should I arrive ahead of time?

Five or ten minutes beforehand is fine.

Do you have anything to eat or drink at your location?

We have snack-type items and a variety of drinks for sale.

How do I change the number of players on my booking?

When you booked you would have received a confirmation email. In that email there is a button to change your booking. You can add more players after you click the button.

Can we bring cell phones to the game area?

No. Leave your phones in the car or in your pocket. We ask that you not take them out for any reason, unless you have an emergency phone call.

Can I bring my baby or dog?

No. The noises and scenes are not appropriate for dogs or babies.

Will you add random players to our group?

No. The group you bring is the group that you are playing with. There will be other groups playing over the course at the same time, but hopefully not near you.

What if I get too scared and have an anxiety attack?

There may be a possibility for you to be escorted out. This might not happen immediately if the escort is already busy with someone else.

What Covid-19 safety protocols do you have in place?

We ask that everyone wear a mask, including employees/zombies. We do not make any employee work if they experience any symptoms. We provide a contactless game, for the most part. Points of contact, such as the debit machine is wiped after each use.

Where are you located?

Escape Maze
156 Cedar Bank Road, Peterborough, ON

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