Stalking Dead


This Experience OPENS October 1st 2021!

Corn farmer zombies, known as the “Stalking Dead” were thought to have been cured last year but new discoveries have convinced officials that we are in for a 2nd wave. Local law enforcement recalled the same pharmaceutical company to develop a cure to these brain craving idiots. Research stations were again set up at ground zero, a farmer’s field surrounded in high voltage fencing to secure themselves from new beasts. Scientists were convinced they found a cure to this new outbreak but before securing the data into the mainframe computer, the containment area was breached by zombie livestock. The community has reached out to the public looking for volunteers to retrieve the data at the research stations and enter it into the central computer system. Their hope lies with you.



This experience runs rain or clear. It is played completely outside with some shelters. Dress for the weather. The game will run in the rain. Wear footwear for walking on dirt paths.

The game is designed for a minimum of 4 players. A deposit of 4 will reserve your spot. There is a maximum of 10 players per group. Each player is $29.99 plus tax.

The game is not recommended for those under 14 years of age. Try the daytime game for younger players or those who don’t want jump scares.



The daytime game will not include any walking, live zombies. There will be no intentional jump scares.

There will still be scenes and props that might be frightening to young children. Please know what your child can handle when coming to play a creepy game.

The daytime game requires a minimum of 2 players and maximum of 10. Adults are $20 and kids 13 years and younger are $15 plus taxes.

a few of the many reviews from 2020’s Stalking Dead :

The stalking dead was amazing. Hands down one of the best escape mazes I’ve been to.

~ Decoyda

We absolutely loved it and it was so worth the 2.5 hour drive to get there.

~ Tammy

What an amazing experience. I was blown away by the hospitality, and the overall production.

~ Julian

This haunted escape maze is just the kind of spook you need right now.

~ Amanda

This was such an incredible and fun experience! 2.5 hour drive for girls night out and was 100% worth it.

~ Carissa

The Stalking Dead was completely SOLD OUT last year before we opened.

Stalking Dead – 2nd wave

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